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Building Relationships. The key to our continued success is our unwavering focus on creating strong one-on-one relationships with producers who want to be treated with respect and want great service.

Redefining Customer Service. Saying that you provide "excellent customer service" has almost become meaningless. Knowing this, we set out to create a customer service model that was fundamentally different from every other marketing organization we have encountered.

Your Home Office. Our model removes the typical "home office" bureaucratic quagmire from the picture entirely. Our customer service begins and ends with a single phone call to Kestler Financial.

Hiring only best of the best staff. Our staff has a tremendously high morale and understands that their success is directly tied to our producers success.

Knowledgeable about your business. When you call us, your call is answered by someone you've talked to before, who not only knows your business and is familiar with your needs, but also can confidently answer your questions and promptly resolve any issues that you or your client may have.

Utilizing technology that makes you more efficient. We've invested in a fulltime software engineer on staff to create whatever software is needed in-house. This translates to an efficient, seamless, and user friendly platform to provide you superior service.

With Kestler's guidance I was able to leverage my time and productivity.  Now I consistently earn a seven figure income and spend even more time with my family.  -L. Long Their high ethical standards and superior service allow me to run my business without having to look over my shoulder.  B. Gammon Working with Kestler and Centaurus was like a breath of fresh air.  -L. Long The knowledgeable marketing specialists can help with case design and make product recommendations while the efficient case management department ensures that my business flows through quickly. –B. Gammon KFG kept their end of the deal and kept helping out my agents and myself with new product info and sales ideas.  -P. Carroll Kestler has shown me the importance of working with an independently owned marketing organization. Since I've moved to KFG, my production has almost doubled.  -B. Hockersmith Kestler was there to help me in the difficult process of choosing a new Broker/Dealer and making the transition. –P. Carroll It's nice to work worth a group of people that you also consider friends. –T. Fletcher Having Kestler as a resource for products has saved me huge amounts of time that I would have otherwise spent researching each individual company.  -P. Carroll I feel comfortable knowing that I work with an organization that will always do the right thing.  -R. Seal They truly help to support the independent agents out in the field. P. Carroll