kestler connection 7-16-14

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• Don't Be Blinded by the Shiny Object

• News from Athene: 
» Helping You Tell "Our Story"

» Changes to Commission Payment Requirements
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» GAL E-Newsletter

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» Wisconsin is Now a Pre-Appointment State

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» Enhancements to Quest CE training Platform

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• Weekly Economic Update 

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a renaissance for replacement sales

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Over the past 10 years, one common source of new business for a producer has been the replacement sale. Effectively, if the same outcome can be achieved for a lower annual premium, or if a better outcome can be designed for the same out-of-pocket outlay, then why wouldn’t a client act?
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Kestler Connection 7-9-14

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• Let's Navigate the KFG Website Together...

• KFG Offices Closed this Friday

• News from Annexus:
BCA 2.0: The Next Generation

• News from Athene:
» We're Simplifying Our Product Offering

• Great American Life News:
» GAL E-Newsletter

• News from Fidelity & Guaranty Life:
» Got a minute? Check out our summer annuity specials!
» New Annuity Exchange Guidelines

• Pass It On! - These are great articles to share with clients or fellow colleagues

• Weekly Economic Update 

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don't be blinded by the shiny object

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As a poor college student, I used to do a lot of diving in the Florida Keys. After seeing a large shark one day, I asked one of the experienced divers if I should be worried about sharks. “No,” he said. “Sharks will usually leave you alone unless you (or a fish you just speared) is bleeding. But watch out for barracudas. They are unpredictable and will go after shiny objects like that chrome buckle on your bathing suit.” As I looked down at my buckle, my imagination took off. All I could think about was a five foot long predator with really big teeth taking a liking to my belt buckle – and whatever else might be nearby.
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decumulation and selling into a loss

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Most of you will understand the term selling into a loss. Decumulation? Maybe not.

It is, however, a much more descriptive term than “the income phase” as it is literally the opposite of accumulation. As such, certain things that work in a client’s favor during the accumulation phase – like dollar cost averaging – work against them during decumulation.

During decumulation, dollar cost averaging becomes selling into a loss, and it can spell big trouble for an investment portfolio.
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