digital asset transfer: a planner’s road map

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Late last year, Brian O’Connell raised awareness around the issue of planning for a client’s digital estate as a guest blogger on the Cavalier Strategy. Since then, there has been a flood of coverage on this topic from multiple media outlets, reinforcing the same points that O’Connell raised in his post.

There are, as is usually the case, some additional twists and turns to this issue, and Steve Parrish, a frequent contributor to Forbes and National Advanced Solutions Director with the Principal Financial Group, makes some solid recommendations in his recent insight on this topic.

the hidden traps

Even doing everything right is no guarantee. There are subtleties in this developing area of planning that are difficult to anticipate.

Case in point is the example from Parrish’s column on regarding the trouble a widower faced upon his wife’s death with an electronic banking account.

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part 2: 10 more unique underwriting niches you might never hear about

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In December, I shared with you the top 10 most overlooked underwriting niches our team found in 2013. Just one month into 2014, our underwriting team has already found 10 more niches that we want to make you aware of for the rest of the year...
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cross-purchase or stock redemption: what you don’t know can hurt your client

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On the surface, Buy-Sell planning is rather straightforward: Place insurance on all the owners so that their interest in the business can be bought out upon their death or disability. If there are more than two owners, set it up with the business as the owner and beneficiary of the policies to avoid having to purchase and manage an unwieldy number of policies.

If only it were that simple.

Surviving owners may be letting a significant opportunity slip through their hands all for the sake of perceived complexity. Shortsighted to say the least.

There is much more to the story than ownership and beneficiary designations. That one seemingly basic decision has potential tax ramifications for any surviving owner of the business.

understanding the tax implications of buy-sell agreements

When an owner dies, the probability that a business is going to be sold at some point in the future increases. One or more of the surviving owners is likely to want to walk away.

When that happens, cost basis will become a major factor in their eventual payoff.

How does the type of agreement come in to play?

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did ATRA kill large life insurance sales?

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There are some in our industry who would answer the question posed in the title with an emphatic "YES!". Others, however, would disagree just as strongly, and the argument between the two groups is grounded in their definition of estate planning.I think they’re both right.
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did you know: overlooked underwriting niches in 2013

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did you know?

The following are the Top 10 underwriting niches you may not be aware of:

1 -  You can get Preferred Nonsmoker rates for clients who smoke marijuana three times or less per week.

2 -  Nonsmoker rates are available for clients who smoke less than 24 cigarettes a year and have a negative nicotine specimen on their insurance labs.

3 -  You can get a Preferred rating for your clients that have a history of prostate cancer.

4 -  Clients can still get Nonsmoker rates if they smoke cigars/chew daily – even if they test positive for nicotine on their insurance labs.

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