Learning Labs
Every Tuesday @ 2pm EST

Join us every Tuesday where we will feature a guest host teaching fundamentals such as product information, sales case studies and product positioning.  Additionally, we will welcome expert instructors who will support your overall practice and business development with topics such as client profiling, office streamlining as well as marketing and technology tools and tips.


Interested in Hosting your own radio show?

March 20, 2018 featuring Brad Sperling

Did you know that l92% of Boomers listen to radio 13+ hours per week? More than Facebook, Email and Print Media. RadioShowPro, Inc. offers complete Radio Show production, hosting and marketing from the convenience of your own office! Brad Sperling, of RadioShowPro Inc., leverages his years of expertise in radio markets throughout the country to deliver a professional and top-notch Radio experience to you and your audience. 

Are you looking for a flexible premium product?

March 6, 2018 featuring North Americans Tiya Stanley

North American Company

With North American Charter® Plus and Performance Choice® Plus fixed index annuities, the initial boost your premium bonus-loving clients are asking for can extend for years.

Watch our recorded webinar to see how these two flexible-premium, premium bonus products compare. 


February 27, 2018
Hosted By Jay Rocheleau
Featuring Jared Anderson of Market Synergy Group

AIG's Power Select Plus Income®: 

The only turn-key, risk-free, hands-free, guaranteed way for service professionals to grow their practice. 

The Power Select Plus Income® Index Annuity offers you a valuable combination of growth potential, principal protection from market downturns and guaranteed income for life. This blend of accumulation and income features may be the solution to achieving the retirement you envision for your clients.

February 20, 2018
Hosted By Kristin Shea
Featuring Missy Aris,
Account Executive for White Glove Workshops

White Glove Workshops: The only turn-key, risk-free, hands-free, guaranteed way for service professionals to grow their practice. 

Tired of spending thousands of dollars marketing your educational seminars, only to have minimal attendance? Wish someone could take all the seminar logistics off your hands, so you can focus on building your business? 


February 6, 2018
HOsted By Amy Kniseley
Featuring Jaime Mueller,
Director of Member Services at Advantage Insurance Network

THIS WEEK - Asset-Based LTC Funding Strategies that Work! 

Long-Term Care planning can be “tough sledding” with even your best clients. Even if you have an agreement that they need to do something to plan, figuring out the most efficient funding strategy can be challenging if you aren’t familiar with the ever-growing Asset-Based Long-Term Care market.   

There has never been a better time to start implementing an Asset-Based Long-Term Care risk management strategy into your practice. In this session, Jaime Mueller will walk through two of the most competitive strategies she sees implemented by the most successful financial advisors across the country. 

January 30, 2018
HOsted By Jay Rocheleau
Featuring Ted Johnson, VP of SAles at Market Synergy Group

THIS WEEK - PIMCO Global Optima Index™ Dynamically Blending Global Equity and U.S. Fixed Income Markets to Help Deliver Upside Growth Potential

The PIMCO Global Optima Index™ is a quantitative, rules-based index that seeks to provide upside return potential by dynamically adjusting its allocations to a diverse range of global equity and U.S. fixed income markets. The PIMCO Global Optima Index™ has been designed exclusively for AIG’s retirement products by Pacific Investment Management Company LLC (PIMCO), one of the world’s premier asset managers. It is available in select annuity products issued by AIG member company, American General Life Insurance Company.

January 23, 2018
HOsted By Jay Rocheleau presenting on the Beneficiary Review Campaign

Our Beneficiary Review Program is a customizable tool kit, specifically designed to aid you in the critical discovery process by identifying a client’s assets through evaluating proper beneficiary designations.  During this week's webinar, Senior Wholesaler, Jay Rocheleau, will be reviewing the powerful case studies and success stories of this campaign.

January 16, 2018
Hosted by Jay Rocheleau
Featuring Ted Johnson, VP of SAles at Market Synergy Group

Watch Ted's Learning Lab where he presented on the following:

  • Multiple uncapped crediting alternatives for industry leading safe accumulation potential
  • Access to Exclusive MLSB index from Merrill Lynch and PIMCOGlobal Optima Index from PIMCO
  • Backed by the strength and experience of AIG