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Annuities You’d Sell To Your Family


If you could forget everything you know about annuities and create your own, what would it look like? That’s the very question we asked hundreds of the top producers in the industry as we helped found Annexus, nearly ten years ago.

We then designed our own annuity products to compete directly with the insurance giants. Where insurance industry profits removed any motivation for them to invest in innovation, we saw an opportunity to create superior annuities that are intuitive to your clients.

A simple, transparent model

You know that the old annuities model contains hidden parts; costs and clauses that even top producers sometimes don’t even know about. These don’t serve your clients and they create a product that is harder for you to sell.

For example, many agents take it for granted that many issuing companies only track annuity interest on the anniversary date. That means if you sold the annuity in January and your client dies in November, the client’s survivors lose out on eleven months of interest.

We have the ability, through technology, to track values daily. Your Annexus clients never lose hidden interest.

Setting new records

Starting in 2006, with the most successful annuity launch in history, our first year generated $1.125 billion in business with 3,300 agents. In 2010, we did approximately $3 billion with fewer than 5,000 agents.

Our largest competitor will do about the same dollar amount—with an army of 80,000 agents!

There’s no doubting the uniqueness of our products and the level of professionalism of our agents.

Can anyone sell Annexus products?

These products offer an inherent, sustainable, structural competitive advantage.
— Richard Kado, Genesis Financial, architect of the indexed annuity

Because of our focus on transparency, full disclosure, product suitability, and sales practices, you’ll complete thorough training and testing before you can sell Annexus products. This level of training aids you because you’ll be more comfortable selling Annexus products than any product you’ve sold before.

Agents tell us that because they understand Annexus products so much more than other products, they’re more comfortable with the sale and so is their client. Many agents would prefer to sell nothing else.

Protecting your market

In order to give you an advantage in the marketplace, we have chosen to patent our leading-edge technologies. The industry is waking up and following the lead Annexus has set, but it is difficult for our competitors to offer products this attractive.

The right carriers

Find­ing the right insur­ance com­pany to underwrite our proprietary Annexus products is essen­tial. That’s why we have inter­viewed many of the largest finan­cial insti­tu­tions in the indus­try to find the right car­rier part­ners to manufacture the prod­ucts.

Top insurance carriers are attracted to Annexus because we bring turnkey financial product innovation coupled with the most powerful distribution network in the country and we’ve aligned the interests of clients, reps, and carriers to deliver a new, transparent service model.

Annexus –success today and tomorrow

Our prod­uct devel­op­ment part­ners at The Gen­e­sis Group are constantly research­ing and devel­op­ing new tech­nolo­gies for our future prod­ucts. As the con­cepts mate­ri­al­ize and the tech­nolo­gies mature, they are inte­grated into new prod­uct design and annuity prospecting ideas. We keep the pipeline full.

Our prod­uct devel­op­ment plans reflect changes in the mar­kets. The results of demo­graphic, reg­u­la­tory, and legal changes shift the direction of our prod­uct devel­op­ment ini­tia­tives. We focus on strate­gic solu­tions posi­tioned to pro­vide supe­rior prod­ucts in these new environments.

The products you sell through Annexus today are only the beginning. We have products in the pipeline that won’t be mature for four or five years. That’s how far ahead we’re planning your success and ours.

Annexus – unbridled growth potential fueled by unprecedented innovation.

Learn more about Annexus products at one of our agent training experiences in Scottsdale, Arizona.