Beneficiary Review Program

Our Beneficiary Review Program is a customizable tool kit, specifically designed to aid you in the critical discovery process by identifying a client’s assets through evaluating proper beneficiary designations.

By integrating this valuable risk mitigation tool into your process you are adding value and creating an opportunity to uncover assets you may not have access to currently. This Kit gives you a non-threatening way to review ALL of your clients and prospects financial assets to uncover potential rollover opportunities that may not have been presented to you in the past.

In addition, this becomes a multi-generational planning tool. Did you know that 80% of women change their financial advisors after their husband passes away? This number is even larger when we look at a beneficiary that’s a child. Imagine if you could implement a process to strengthen relationships with your beneficiaries to vastly improve your retention ratio at death.


  • Review Document to be used with your clients–this document can be branded with your information and it’s a tool that can be used directly with your clients and prospects to uncover and potential mistakes while giving you access to all of their financial assets
  • Coaching and educational documents to help you fully understand proper beneficiary designations
  • Marketing Program including:
    • Email or Mail templates to spark interest
    • Video conversion campaign that can be used in an email template / website or social media