Fact Finding with your clients

We recently wrapped up one of our business building events here in our office, known as our Advisor Development Program. During the event, we had an opportunity to set one on one with our top producers and find out what makes them so successful. One of the common themes we heard was to have a solid fact finding process. 

Fact finding is the heart of the financial planning process. This is also know as discovery because we are taking the time to explore the lives of our prospects and new clients to ensure we can properly meet their needs. 

Discovery seems very basic, right? What we found is, most people are trying to fine tune their discovery process to make it efficient and repeatable. This ensures that all of the valuable information you need to do your job is captured. 

Today, I'd like to share with you a client fact finder that can assist in streamlining your process. We can also personalize this document for you. Schedule a call with me today to learn how.

-Danielle Parks