Fiduciary Obligation Resources

This page was created to help our agents/advisors navigate the new fiduciary standard that is in effect from June 9th, 2017 through December 31st, 2017.  The video below will provide you with a high-level view of the new rules. 


Disclosure Statement and Acknowledgement for the Recommendations of Insurance Products  - This form or one like it must be used at the point of sale on all product recommendations that are being funded with IRA/Qualified monies.  This form is to be retained for six years by the agent and is NOT to be sent to the Independent Distribution Company or Insurance Company.


ERISA / IRA Rollover Worksheet - This worksheet is intended only as a tool to collect information to assist the agent and/or client during the sales process. Additional information may be needed prior to the purchase of an insurance product.


Best Interest Review Questionaire - As part of your fiduciary obligation when recommending a retirement product such as a fixed annuity to your clients in the qualified space, you must comply with the “best interest” standard. To help determine a best interest recommendation, understanding your client’s needs will be important. This best interest review resource can be used with your client to help both document and determine your client’s needs.  We've also included an agent guide as to how to effectively utilize this resource.


Client Fact Finder - This is a nice tool to gather client information as well as open up discussions about your clients financial objectives.


Client Planning Profile Workbook-  This is a robust planning tool that gathers and organizes the clients current financial situation.


Disclosure:  All of the resources found on this page are for informational purposes only.  Kestler Financial Group strongly encourages you and your legal council to thoroughly review all the above referenced resources prior to use with a client.

Additional detailed information about the current fiduciary rule can be found here: