Always Be Connecting

Let’s play a game. Try to finish my sentence. Ready?

Always Be _______.

If you guessed “closing” was the next word, you’re close but no cigar for you. Today I’d like to introduce to you a new mantra:

Always be CONNECTING!!


If you’re reading this article, you’re probably a successful financial advisor, retirement planner, or insurance agent, which means you already understand the importance of connecting with new people on a frequent basis.

Financial services has slowly been adapting to the digital world and embracing online social platforms as a way to connect with others and grow their business. Traditionally, this has happened in face to face settings. We absolutely need to keep going to the local chamber meetings and participating in community fundraisers. But we also need to be online.

At our April Advisor Development Program, when we asked how many were using “Social Selling” techniques – about 5 people raised their hand. 5 out of 50 top financial advisors from across the country!

But, I can’t really blame them. It can be intimidating to know where to focus your time on the World Wide Web. The primary two platforms people talk about are Facebook and LinkedIn. Both platforms can be an incredible proponent for your prospecting, brand building, and online presence, however, there may be other tools that are worth considering. Different social media platforms serve different audiences and purposes.

So if I told you I could show you a new (and FREE) social platform to develop strategic connections and incite referral partnerships with:

-          Business owners

-          Professionals

-          Entrepreneurs

-          Like-minded individuals

-          Potential clients

-          COI’s

By time blocking, at the most, an hour of your day, would you be interested?

Allow me to introduce to you Alignable.



A retirement planner I work with out of Georgia once told me that Alignable is what we would get if Facebook and LinkedIn had a kid. Alignable’s leadership team describes it as a place “where small business owners build trusted relationships and generate referrals”.

It is THE social network for small business owners looking to build their local presence.

This network is specifically geared to nurturing B2B connections. Alignable is designed to connect local businesses to collaborate and communicate to mutually develop and grow everyone’s client bases.

A difference between Alignable and LinkedIn is that it is hyper-local, where LinkedIn allows you to connect on a global scale. Everyone wants to work with a local business – which is perfect for the independent financial advisor running a community firm.

Some of the most powerful features on Alignable are:

-          Showcase products and services

-          Share promotions

-          Poll potential customers

-          Discover insights from other professionals

-          Group Business Messaging

-          Support other local businesses

-          Collaborate to host / co-promote events

One of my favorite features is the ability to create a “referral flyer”. These flyers will auto populate with companies you’ve given referrals to. This flyer can be posted and shared to social media accounts or embedded into your website. It can be used to showcase which businesses you support and collaborate with.

As a financial professional but also an individual with interests and hobbies, your referral partners could be a CPA or your travel agent or the place where you go get your camping gear.

Alignable can opens doors to help business owners with:

-          Their own wealth management

-          Employee benefits

-          Business insurance

-          Key Man Insurance

-          Group Life Insurance

-          Business succession plans

-          Business investment strategies

That advisor from Georgia uses the same, simple message whenever he makes a new connection:

“Hey, glad to be connected Mr. Business Owner, I’d love to  learn more about you and your business and potential ways we can add value to one another. How does your calendar look for coffee, skype, or a quick call over the next week or two? “

Very simple. Very direct. NOT salesy.

Want to see what Alignable is all about? Contact me for tips on how to get started building your Alignable network.

Want to learn about our Social Selling programs? Schedule a call here.

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