Do Your Clients a Favor- Put Them First!

Index Universal Life.  You like it?  Love it?  Maybe you hate it?  Whatever your stance is- it is hard to Not to hear about it-being IUL’s are on a steady march to a 2 Billion-dollar industry!! 

Its popularity and appeal makes sense, right? 

  • Partake in the upside
  • Protect yourself from loses and downside
  • Take tax free withdrawals
  • Tax free death benefit
  • Leverage your dollars for health care costs

You get my point. My list could go on.   I mean how could you not be intrigued?  Name another type of product in the business right now that you get as amazing tax efficiency and can do all these things?  You can’t.   

If I hear it once I hear it 15 times a day. 

            What is the cap?

            What is my comp (compensation)?

            What’s the max illustrated rate?

These are all fair questions, don’t get me wrong.  However, if you have been in this industry for any period of time experience has shown us a few things. 

1.      The market will out-perform a capped product over time in an uncapped strategy in market upswings. What I will be referring to outperforms a capped product between 80 and 100 bps each and every year! 

2.      We know illustrated rates are just that.  Illustrated rates.  They are hypothetical numbers that give light to a concept.  We sell concepts, not illustrations.  Just because an illustration says 7%, does not mean it will perform at 7% every year.  It also does not mean it is a more superior product than an illustration that is at 6.5%. 

3.      We also know that if you are ALWAYS putting your clients 1st, and in the “best seat on the bus” comp will naturally follow.  Do the right thing and you will be in business for a long time, my friend.  Comp will follow. 

Top 5 Reasons to Call ME at 703-554-1175 and discover the New Proprietary IUL!

  1. No Cap- earning potential like nothing out there, outperforms traditional point to point products. 
  2. True Client centric product they WILL understand and love you for!
  3. Earn credits on COI’s & withdrawals-not another product in the industry can even compete with this concept!
  4. Underwritten with a great Mutual Carrier, policy holders are priority.
  5. Competitive Sales Advantage- less than 1% of the field force has this, don’t fall into the “commodities-product-game.”