Insurance Producers - Have you encountered these underwriting red flags? We can help...

We work with hundreds of independent agents who are frustrated with trying to find solutions for their hard to place clients.  Many times, these clients mighty fall through the cracks because the agent feels that they have exhausted all options or, from past experience, the agent might believe it is a losing battle to try and work with a client's challenging insurance needs.  That is where we can provide Kestler Life Support to resuscitate some of the most problematic cases.

The following are the 8 unique underwriting niches to look out for and how we can help you place the not-so-cookie cutter policy:

1.      Are your client facing healthcare issues that are preventing from securing a beneficial policy?  We’re placing clients in Hybrid/LTC policies with the following conditions: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Type 1 Diabetes, COPD, Build Issues, and much more.

2.      Are your clients paying sub-standard premium rates when they don't have to?  We have a carrier that can offer Preferred Rates for clients over 70 with a mild history of Coronary Artery Disease.

3.      Do you have a client with cancer history?  You can get a Preferred Offer for clients with a history of certain cancers that include melanoma, thyroid, testicular, cervical, or colon.

4.      Do you have clients with outside-of-the-box needs?  We have a carrier that can offer Preferred Nonsmoker rates for clients who smoke marijuana three times or less per week.

5.      Have you previously discredited a client's insurance needs because you thought you couldn't place a client with diabetes? We have a carrier that can offer Preferred on your clients over 60 clients with well controlled Type 2 diabetes.

6.      Do you know how to address the new e-cig trend or a "social" smoker?  Do you have clients who smoke e-Cigarettes? Non-Smoker rates are available.

Are you looking for policy options that help build your business while meeting your client's needs?  One carrier can offer Super Preferred Rates for up to $1M of coverage without an exam or medical records, in under seven days, while other carriers approve at Standard.

Contact our Director of Life Insurance, Amy Kniseley, to discuss your challenging cases.  At Kestler Financial Group, we are a full service IMO/FMO supporting the life insurance, FIA and marketing needs of independent advisors and agents throughout the country.  Call 800.699.0299 to speak with one of our experts and let us introduce you to a new and better way to grow your practice.