Help Protect Your Family/Immediate Financial Needs

Help secure what your family values most.  When you have sufficient Life Insurance coverage, your loved ones may not have to worry about finances in the event that you can no longer provide for them.

If your goals are to:

·         Help pay a mortgage

·         Help fund a child’s college education

·         Help replace family income

·         Help pay personal debts and final expenses

·         Help pay for childcare costs


Michael and his family recently purchased a new house.  His daughter will start college next year and he is concerned about what would happen to her education should something happen to him.  He wants to find a way to help ensure his family is taken care of financially if he were to die unexpectedly.

Term Life Insurance may before you

Term Life Insurance policies generally offer the greatest amount of coverage for the lowest initial cost.  Policyholders pay premiums for the length of the term, for benefits that can help pay for financial responsibilities that decrease or eventually end over time, like mortgages or educational costs.  Term Life Insurance policies are typically used to help provide additional Life Insurance coverage should something unexpected happen to a financial provider.

Term Life can help provide financial security for your loved ones by:

Protecting your family financially:  Life insurance can help protect your family from financial hardship when dealing with loss.  Term insurance is best for covering obligations that have an expiration date, such as mortgages, college education or replacing your income during your working years.

Replacing activities provided by a homemaker: Cleaning and daycare costs can quickly overburden your finances, insuring against the loss of a homemaker can help make these services financially possible.

Covering personal debt and final expenses: Even if you don’t have children, you may want to have at least enough life insurance to cover your personal debts, medical bills and funeral costs.  If you are uninsured, your “legacy” may consist of unpaid expenses for your family or executor to deal with .