Kestler Financial’s diversified and solid foundation gives us a most unique value proposition – we truly identify with our advisors. We passionately strive to grow our business on the core principles of providing our advisors with nationally recognized, powerful products which positions them as a leader in the industry. All the while, maintaining personable and supportive relationships by respecting each individual advisors and their respective marketing needs. Give us a call and you might enjoy marching to the beat of a different drummer!


Terry Bobo

Senior Advisor Consultant

Terry is a motivated, entrepreneurial minded financial industry professional who has experienced nearly every aspect of the industry.  He partners with and supports emerging and elite advisors and their practices with a focus on growth, efficiency and increased profitability. As a fully licensed and seasoned executive, retail advisor and business development Vice-President with nearly 20 years of relevant industry experience, Terry understands the challenges advisors face on a daily basis and works to implement processes and systems to make your business thrive.


Bryan Wirtz

Senior Advisor Consultant

Bryan is a Senior Advisor Consultant and client acquisition catalyst primarily for a select group of successful institutions and their advisors, many of whom are striving to grow their enterprise business value and competitor proof their business. By helping advisors create professional contrast, he helps them decomoditize from the industry status quo. Shifting away from product, pricing, and performance, and focusing on philosophy, planning strategy and processes. What this ultimately does is elevate the client experience for advisors, and their clients, which leads to quality growth and more client referrals. With over 16 years experience as a retail and institutional advisor, he knows what it’s like to grow and sell a practice, and understands all the hats independent advisors have to wear. As a strategic business partner, Bryan is the “Advisors” Advisor.


Amy Kniseley

Director of Life Insurance

Amy Kniseley provides a 360° approach to advisor services, assisting in operational efficiency, sales training, product development, and business development. Her 15+ years of experience enables her to consult on the most advanced cases by providing full-service life support.