What Are Your Energy Producing Activities?

Happy Monday, Peggy here with Kestler Financial Group. As many of you know I’m working with a personal Sales and Life Coach. At times we focus quite a bit on sales techniques, our process, day to day activities; but one common theme we always circle back around to is time management. This ultimately relates back to my schedule or calendar. This past week while we were reviewing my schedule my coach asked me a few very eye opening question. “What are you doing to fight fatigue? What are you doing throughout the course of your day to really get your energy back? What type of energy producing activities have you built into your schedule?” 

Let me give you some background on the question. As many of you know I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl a little over four months ago. After coming back to work I quickly realized what worked for me in the past is no longer relevant given the demands of being a working mom. My day now starts at 4:30am and doesn’t usually wrap up until about 10:00pm. Not to mention there may be one or two feedings in the middle of the night. I know I’m probably preaching to the choir. We’re all busy with different obligations and that’s why this topic really struck home with me. 

So when my coach asked me what I’m doing throughout the day to fight fatigue I was at a bit of a loss. Our days can become quite busy jumping from meeting to meeting and before you know it you quickly realize that you haven’t even slowed down for a moment to catch you breath or to grab a bite to eat. I always love sharing sales and product ideas or different marketing techniques but lets take a moment to talk about what we can do to recharge our batteries. Because lets face it, fatigue slows us way down, decreases efficiency, our effectiveness or productivity. 

So I’d like to ask you, what are you doing to fight fatigue, what do you do throughout the course of your day to really give you your energy back? My coach mentioned a few things that have worked for other clients, “short walks, listening to music, stretches.” But I wanted to turn to google and see what else I could find that may fit in with my day to day activities. Here is an article from Investment News titled "9 strategies to avoid adviser burnout."

For me, there are a few things I’ve been able to work into my day to recharge my batteries.

  1. FaceTime with my husband and my little girl Seren. There’s nothing like seeing their faces and hearing her giggles to get me moving and be more productive for my family.
  2. Get out and soak up some sun. A short 5 minute walk out in the fresh air has been very renewing.
  3. Coffee break, personally I’m off caffeine since I’m breastfeeding but I love a warm cup of herbal tea. We have a great coffee shop right next door and it’s a perfect place to step out, catch up on a few emails and get my head into the game.
  4. A quick chat with family- as cheesy as it may be our motto at KFG is Welcome Home. I’ve been with Kestler for close to ten years now and I really consider my co-workers and advisors family. Setting down, and catching up for a few minutes always helps to get back on track.

With my crazy schedule I need to make sure that I continue to stick to my energy producing activities. What works for you? 

I couldn't help but share a picture of my mini me below. Enjoy those chunky cheeks!